Power issues

Joe Donnery, member of the planning board, addressed the town board recently. After researching the feasibility of converting town hall to solar power, he presented the board with his findings of the cost to install a system, the estimated payback period, implications of future innovations, implications of government policy, and then his recommendations. The board will study his research. Local resident Bruce Kilgore has offered to speak to the town board sometime this spring. Bruce lives on the Nashville Road and received a waiver from the 40 ft. height limit from the APA for his personal windmill. He has some PowerPoint slides to show and will give the town board some insight on the process he went through. Some building issues recently: the town hall roof sprang a leak, ice fell off the court house roof and damaged our outside tank, and the emergency lights in town hall failed. Buildings and grounds worker Glen Hamel addressed all the issues and we will have to take further actions in the spring or summer. We also anticipate renovations to our restrooms in town hall. NYSEG held conference calls with area supervisors and emergency personnel during the power outage as a result of the windstorm that blew through the area the second week of January. On the 10th, at 2 p.m., there were 281 homes in Saranac without power. On the 11th, at 11 a.m., that number was down to 68. With perhaps one or two exceptions, all power was restored by 9 p.m. that night. I recently spoke to the fourth-grade classes of Mrs. Napper and Mrs. Long at Saranac Elementary School and we used the towns Web site projected onto a screen as a spring board to talk about town topics. On another occasion, along with superintendent of schools Ken Cringle, board of education president Jules LaPoint, and Saranac Elementary teacher Jan Couture, I enjoyed being the fourth judge at the local spelling bee competition. From Saranac High School there are 24 new pieces artwork all photography decorating town hall and the court house as part of the Community Art Connection program. The Saranac Key Club has adopted a highway: the first four miles of True Brook Road. Jan Couture is also the town historian and recently held the workshop Walk with Champlain at town hall. Thirty-five people attended, one from as far away as the Bronx. In anticipation of the 2009 Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration, the attendees used software to see if they have a genealogical lineage to any of Samuel de Champlains crew. Hill and Hollow music sponsored a successful Franco-American Festival Feb. 1-3. Verizon has applied to the APA for a permit to locate 12 wireless panel antennas on the smokestack at Clinton Correctional Facility. There was a leak in the Saranac Water System and a resultant boil water order for parts of the system. We thank New York Rural Water Circuit Rider Morris Coolidge as well as volunteer Wayne Lavarnway for their help. We still have the Ground Water Under Direct Influence to our system that we will continue to address. At some times this winter, old tires have been dumped on our town roadways. If you have any information of this unlawful waste disposal please let town offices know and we will follow up. The town board had petitioned the state for a reduced speed limit on Soper Road and our request was denied. Last August, Judge Jill Myers, with help from Judge Karen Waldron-Munson and court clerk Carol Plumadore, applied for a Justice Court Assistance Program grant. The grants were supposed to be awarded shortly after the holidays. I called Albany and was told there were many more grant applications to process than were anticipated and the announcement date was pushed back. We are still hopeful the security system we applied for will be awarded. In court issues, we are keeping a close eye on the Dillenburg case which, although it has been stayed, says the state should stop paying taxes to local municipalities. Because a resident didnt abide by a local law which provides for the removal or repair of a building in the town deemed unsafe to the public, codes enforcement officer Eugene Dickerman issued a violation. As a result, the building was demolished. Locally, Saranac vs. Reed is tentatively scheduled for a bench trial in Saranac Town Court March 11-14. We are waiting to hear if the town will be chosen as the pilot community for the CBN-Connect Broadband for Everyone initiative.

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