Groups Announce Anticipated Merger

JOHNSBURG The Town of Johnsburg has a rich and historic heritage, and two prominent community groups are working to ensure that heritage remains preserved for many years to come. The North Creek Railway Depot Preservation Association (NCRDPA) and Johnsburg Historical Society recently announced their intent to merge as one organization, pending a vote of approval by the members of the historical society. A successful merger would directly benefit both organizations, and better serve the needs of the community as a whole. By combining their efforts, the groups hope to eliminate their duplication of effort, while providing visitors expanded access to the towns historic treasures. Following the receipt of a recent grant, the NCRDPA plans to continue development of the Owens House Gallery property on Main Street, including establishing a research facility, and state of the art storage facility. The Owens House has received extensive renovations since its purchase by the NCRDPA, and stands as the second oldest building in North Creek. We just received a grant to hire a professional consultant, Sharalee Falzerano, director of the Depot Museum, said recently. The consultant helped us design a temperature controlled storage facility to be built inside a portion of the Owens House. Thanks to that, we have everything laid out for us, right down to the number of boxes we need. Our next step will be to seek the funding to build the facility. Our goal is to have a research facility open to the public for educational purposes, genealogy studies, writers, and anyone whos interested, Falzerano noted. Not only would we have our own collection, but now we have the opportunity of housing the Historical Societys collection as well. This way we feel well be better able to preserve the artifacts of the town. Lyle Dye, president of the Johnsburg Historical Society, is confident that a merger would serve the best interests of both groups. Noting the currently limited public access to town artifacts, the society is looking forward to moving from its current home above the Wevertown Community Center. The elimination of a lot of duplications is one of the main benefits, Dye said. Even though we work closely together, we still overlap our efforts. We have a collection but no place to show it, and the Depot Museum has the opposite situation. What we are really interested in is the Waddell-Kellogg building located next to the train station, Dye added. We think it would be a perfect place for a local museum and we are preparing a report for the county, who owns the property. We are very positive about the merger and definitely looking forward to it. I think this will work out for everyones benefit.

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