25 people arraigned in Frost party hearing

MIDDLEBURY Andrew Ford, age 17, pleaded innocent Feb. 10 in Middlebury District Court to misdemeanor charges of trespassing and enabling the consumption of alcohol by minors in the December 2007 Robert Frost farm party incident. Judge Helen Toor presided. Damages resulting from the party were estimated to be more than $10,000. The historic farmhouse is owned by Middlebury College. Ford and 24 others were in court Feb. 10. He was released. Patrick Deering, age 22, of Middlebury, made a beer run with money Ford gave him. Deering pleaded innocent. At a news conference in New Haven Jan. 18, a state police official told the Eagle that a total number of 35 individuals had been issued citations (most news reports noted 28 individuals). In Vermont, some citations are considered to be non-custodial arrests. According to the state police, the Frost farm-related citations were non-custodial arrests because the offenses were misdemeanors. Five others involved in the incident pleaded innocent Feb. 10: Eric Berman, age 18, of Weybridge; Jacob McDowell, age 17, of Cornwall; and Middlebury residents Kyle Hamblin, age 16, Bryan M. Parks, age 19, and Michael Shively, age 19. Fifteen of the defendants were sent to a court diversion program. Toor said the program involves community service and other activities.Charges would be dismissed if the individuals behaved. The following were ordered to diversion: Dylan Cobden, age 17, of Weybridge; Nancy Greenwalt, age 17, of Shoreham; Ryan Kenyon, age 21, of Salisbury; Benjamin Kinson, 18, of Waltham; Chelsey Lattrell, age 17, of Bridport; Jeremy Mundorf, age 19, of Salisbury; Jesse Mundorf, age 21, of Salisbury; Tyler Pockette, age 17, of Salisbury; Matt Rizner, age 18, of N. Clarendon; and Jackson Downey-Teachout, age 17, of Cornwall. Also ordered to diversion were Middlebury residents Brittany Berno, age 17; Ashley Comes, age 17; Jonathan Grohs, age 17; Peter Marini, age 18; and Duncan Tilford, age 17. Paul Beardsley, age 18, of Ripton; Jesse Elithorpe, age 17, of Middlebury and Daniel Fifield, age 19, of Middlebury were not sent to diversion; they pleaded innocent and were released.

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