This Week's Review: "There Will Be Blood"

Consider this: The cost of a gallon of gasoline in 1940: 11 1950: 18 1960: 25 1970: 36 1980: $1.19 1990: $1.34 2000: $1.46 2008: $3.07 Todays price kind of makes you nauseous, doesnt it? Well, wait until we hit $5/gallon, which many analysts say will be upon us in the next few years. If youre a little miffed about rising gasoline prices and are looking to put blame somewhere, save your breath. The facts are simple: The worlds population is increasing exponentially and with that, many emerging markets are now requiring massive quantities of oil due to modernization (China and India needing the most). Its a simple matter of supply and demand and its not going to get any better. Ultimately high oil prices may be a blessing in disguise, one that forces us to develop and perfect alternative energy sources. Already were seeing the maturation of wind, solar and fuel cells. Until recently these options were not cost effective, but new break-throughs have made them all viable options, not only for personal use, but in large-scale scenarios as well. Whatever happens, the world must react to the oil crisis and what might become of our planet if we continue burning fossil fuels at an increasingly alarming rate. Whether you believe in global warming or not, the fact remains that damage is being done to our environment by the excess pollution that mankind emits. If we keep traveling along the same path, Mother Nature will undoubtedly have her way with us. I try to do my part, however small. I drive only when I need to and do my best to tackle multiple errands during the same trip. Im also considering a hybrid for my next car purchase. I can handle putting $100 in my gas tank in a few years if I know I can drive for a month without a refill. But if that same $100 only gets me through the week, Ill be the first in line to try something different. So, did you ever wonder how this quest for oil started? Who originally found this sought-after liquid beneath the ground and how did they go about getting it out? Undoubtedly as the need for oil blossomed, men with great ambition (and devious tendencies) devoted their lives to unearthing this product. In this weeks feature, There Will Be Blood, we witness the life of one man and how he was able to tap into this new commodity long before most people knew what it was. There Will Be Blood stars Daniel Day-Lewis, which is all I needed to hear to get me interested. Day-Lewis is arguably his generations greatest actor, with one Oscar for his role in My Left Foot and nominations for In the Name of the Father, Gangs of New York, and now for There Will Be Blood. After seeing his performance in this film, I can almost guarantee that he will walk away with his second Best Actor statue. Day-Lewis performance is reason alone to see this movie, but the addition of Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia Boogie Nights) as director makes this a must-see for any lover of film. Anderson has a knack for storytelling and for delivering his films in a manner that leaves the viewer mesmerized. On top of the involvement of these two men, There Will Be Blood is simply a great and intriguing film to watch. This is a film not to miss if you enjoy historical dramas. The performances and delivery were unmatched in 2007, which is why this film should win several Oscars when the winners are announced in a few weeks. It does clock in at a hefty 2 hours and 40 minutes, but its hardly noticeable due to the engaging subject matter. A riveting A- for There Will Be Blood.

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Video Pick Of The Week
After Innocence Heres a documentary that will leave you mesmerized. Based on the life stories of several wrongly imprisoned men, After Innocence will have you questioning whether an eye witness conviction should ever be considered the final judgment on a persons fate. It will also force you to consider whether the death penalty is ever a viable option. The film invites you to look at the cases of several men who were convicted of crimes they never committed. Years later sometimes over 20 years each of these men were released due to the addition of modern DNA evidence that clearly exonerates them of the crimes. This is a film for documentary lovers and people who are intrigued by the justice system. While it may not change your opinion on the system as a whole, it will open your eyes to the periodic injustices that can ultimately slip through.

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