NFL Picks: Unbelievable

What can I say? The New York Football Giants are Super Bowl champions! And what a great game it was. The defense was spectacular, making Brady run for his life the entire game. By the middle of the fourth quarter, his eyes looked like a deer in headlights. And MVP Eli, well, he did just enough to win the game, including a miraculous sack-avoiding scramble on the final drive only to hit a little-known receiver, who made his own spectacular play to keep the drive alive. But you all know this. As a fan, its the best Ive felt in my entire life. The fact Big Blue prevented the dreaded Patsies from making history only makes it sweeter. That whole team came off as a bunch of arrogant dolts, from the coach down. Nice to see them humbled, and they better all be hoping Spygate goes away quietly. I have to say the blog we had on denpubs.com was a huge hit. Most of my family, including some cousins I dont get to hear from often enough made it really special for me. And there were several posts from those of you who have participated in our picking contest throughout the years. Good clean fun! So now its time to get some work done around the house on the weekends, as my lovely wife has pointed out. I really have to thank her for her tolerance each season; I do kind of spend a lot of time in front of the TV from September to February. Thanks to everyone for making the NFL picking contest another huge success. Well leave the blog up for a few more days should anyone like to have a final say. Tom Henecker is plant manager at Denton Publications. He can be reached at tom@denpubs.com

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