MCTV program schedule

Week of Feb. 11 MCTV Channel 15
6:30a Legislative Breakfast 8:30a Localization 9:00a INFOcus Jerry Germain 10:00a Inside Your Statehouse 10:30a All the Children 11:30a ChroniqueFrancophone 12:00p Words of Peace 1:00p MALT 2:00p Sen. Sanders 3:00p Rep. Nuovo 4:00p Congregational Church 5:30p Peter Welch 7:00p INFOcus/Jerry Germain 8:00p Gov. Press Conf. 9:00p Local Option Tax Tuesday
6:30 Local Tax Option 8:00a Congregational Church 10:00a Selectboard 1:00p Vershire Bible Church 2:30p Alternatives 3:00p PACT 3:30p Salaam Shalom 4:30p Mid East Digest 7:00p Selectboard LIVE Wednesday
7:30a Memorial Baptist Church 9:00a Rep. Nuovo 10:00a Selectboard 1:00p PACT 1:30p Vibrant Vermonters 2:30p Sen. Sanders 3:00p Salaam Shalom 4:00p Mid East Digest 6:00p Peter Welch 7:30p Localization 8:00p PACT 8:30p Alternatives 9:00p INFOcus Jerry Germain 10:00p Selectboard Thursday
6:00a Bulletin Board 7:30a Inside Your Statehouse 8:30a PACT 10:30a Alternatives 11:30a Chronique Francophone 12:00p Mid East Digest 1:30p Salaam Shalom 2:30 Girls Night Out 3:00p Govs Press Conf. 4:00p PACT 7:00p Localization 8:00p Chronique Francophone 8:30p Vibrant Vermonters 9:00p Rep. Nuovo 9:30p Inside Your Statehouse 10:00p Legislative Breakfast Friday
6:30a Legislative Breakfast 8:00a Sen. Sanders 9:30a Rep. Nuovo 10:00a Selectboard/Planning 3:00p INFOcus/Jerry Germain 4:00p Memorial Baptist Church 5:30p Peter Welsh 6:30p Sen. Sanders 7:00p Vibrant Vermonters 7:30p INFOcus/Jerry Germain 8:30p Legislative Breakfast 10:00 Govs Press Conf. Saturday
Noon 6 p State High School Dance Competition LIVE Sunday
9:00a Catholic Mass 10:30a Words of Peace 11:00a Memorial Baptist Church 1:00p Vershire Bible Church 3:30p Congregational Church 5:00p Wind Ensemble Concert 6:30p All the Children 7:00p Catholic Mass 9:00p Words of Peace 10:00p Inside your Statehouse METV Channel 16 Monday
9:30a Frog Hollow 10:00a Parent Child Center 10:30a Authors on Main 12:30p State Board of Ed 4:00p First Wednesday 7:00p ID#4 Board 9:00 Catamounts 10:30 VSO Tuesday
10:00a ID#4 Board 12:00p Authors on Main 1:30p Raising Healthy Children 2:30p Frog Hollow 3:30p Studio 104 5:30p UD#3 Board Wednesday
9:00a HCC Board 10:00a UD#3 Board 1:00p Parent Child Center 1:30 Frog Hollow 2:00p VSO 3:30 Raising Healthy Children 6:00p Authors on Main 8:00p VSO 8:30p UD#3 Board Thursday
8:00a State Board of Ed 4:00p Frog Hollow 5:00p VSO 7:00p First Wednesday 9:30p VSAC Friday/Saturday/ Sunday
8:00a ID#4 Board 10:00a UD#3 Board 2:00p HCC Board 5:30p VSAC 6:30p Studio 104 8:30p Catamounts E-mail MCTV at middleburycommunityvt@comcast.net

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