Is a new fire station needed?

To the Editor: Mayor Cooke should consult the people of Port Henry, commonly called taxpayers, to see if they agree with the need for a new fire station. There are many options open for discussion such as why is a department necessary in the town of Moriah when there are two other fire departments located in the town? The school was centralized into one entity and I dont see why the same cant apply to fire protection. If someone would make a study and see just how many fire fighting apparatuses are available in our small community I think one might be truly amazed. The sign at the corner of Broad and Main streets in Port Henry lists the mileage to Moriah as two miles and Mineville as four miles. That certainly isnt too large a distance for perhaps a centralized fire department to respond to an emergency. If the departments were centralized the members from each community could maintain their present uniforms and the leadership hopefully could work together to solve any management problems. You might recall when Port Henry High School burned down that Ticonderoga responded with their tall ladder truck that was able to attack the fire from above. Shortly after that fire Ticonderoga was called on again to assist in putting out another fire on Elizabeth Street in Port Henry. So plenty of assistance is nearby. Has anyone approached the owner of the Port Henry marina to see if the rescue boat could be stored there? That would be a plus for the marina and help their boat owners to be assured that help is nearby. I would hope that the State of New York has a management engineering team to study whether there is adequate or an over-abundance of equipment and manpower. If so, I would like to see them consulted. My next letter will be asking, why do we need a village government? All the communities around us have gone only to town government. And if a much larger community like Ticonderoga can do it, we should be able to consider also a saving of manpower and equipment. Please let the people decide by the ballot. Charles DePaoli
Port Henry

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