To the Editor: In May 2007, Tom Sinacore wrote a letter-to-the-editor to your paper about the ineptitude of Middlebury College. He was right on the money! How ironic that now this same letter writer has become a local reporter and just reported on the shocking 35 arrests relating to the Homer Noble Farm teenage-drinking party incident (Addison Eagle, page 1, Jan. 26). Everything Sinacore said in his letter has been confirmed: 1. The college owns an historic, tax-free property, 2. one of the colleges own, a former employee, was responsible for this fiasco, and 3. the colleges crack security force did absolutely nothing to protect this important landmark. The college had, and still has, a responsibility to protect this historic site or it should relinquish it to a responsible organization that will do the work to protect it. I fear the colleges arrogant attitude may someday lead to another Virginia Tech. Sinacores comments have been vindicated. Tedd E. Marcel

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