There's no pat answer to this giant problem

I have a huge problem and I need your help. I have a giant decision to make and Im stuck. Heres the deal. Try as I might, I cant figure out who to root for in the big game next weekend. I know, it should be easy. Im a New Yorker. Theres a New York team in the Super Bowl. Case closed. But its not that simple. First, technically speaking, the Giants arent a New York team. They play at the Meadowlands, which last I checked was located in New Jersey. Second, I grew up in the western part of the state and consequently, am a Buffalo Bills fan. Its in my DNA. No respectable Bills fan can root for the Giants. Its just too painful. It was these same New York Giants who backed into a Super Bowl victory when in Super Bowl XXV, Bills Kicker Scott Norwood missed the potentially winning field goal, thereby driving a dagger wide right into every Bills fans heart. True, the Bills lost the game more than the Giants won it. But that was the start of a streak of futility of epic proportions. The Bills went on to lose three more consecutive Super Bowls, causing a deep freeze to settle on the shores of Lake Erie that still exists today. I thought about using my mothers system for choosing a team. My mother was clueless about football. One time when watching one of my high school teams, she inadvertently rooted for the other team. We were playing a school that had the same colors and she forgot we were wearing our white home jerseys. But she had knack for picking winning teams. Wed be watching a game and shed walk into the room, look at the colors of each teams uniforms and make a pick based on which color suited her fancy at the moment. Invariably, shed choose the team playing against my team and invariably, her team would win. So lets see...the Giants wear red, white and blue and the Patriots...well...they wear red, white and blue. Thanks Mom. There is the urge to go with the underdog. The Giants were the underdogs in each of their first three playoff games. And they won each one. The Patriots, on the other hand, are undefeated this season, the first team since the 1972 Dolphins to go undefeated heading into the Super Bowl. One school of thought suggests the Pats are on a roll and likely will win. Statistically speaking though,(factoring in historical variables,) every time they win a game, the odds of them losing the next game increase. The Giants, it could be argued, have already lost their share of games this season, statistically speaking. So maybe the Pats are the real underdogs. Plus my mothers name is Pat and remember, she had that annoying knack of picking the winning team. Coincidence. Perhaps? Throw in the fact that my brother lives in New England so maybe I should go with the Pats. Giants, Pats. Pats, Giants. Whats a fan to do? My friends tell me Ive fallen victim to my own analysis. Instead of obsessing over which team to root for, I should just follow my gut. Ive decided to embrace their advice. On Super Bowl Sunday Im going to put on my red, white and blue jersey, (the one with the buffalo on it,) and just watch the commercials.

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