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As the Big Game approaches, Ive been doing a lot of reading especially New York media like the Daily News. There was a great blog last week by Ralph Vacchiano about fan superstitions that I found fascinating. Im not so much superstitious as ritualistic, and after reading responses to Vacchianos blog, Id love to hear how denpubs readers get ready for football games. Find this column online at www.denpubs.com and join me in posting your game day rituals. For me, it all starts opening day, when I proudly walk to the end of my driveway, and hoist my New York Football Giants flag up the flagpole. There it stays until Big Blue has played its final game. Of course, itll fly a little longer this season in celebration of their upcoming Super Bowl victory. Also on opening day, Ill gather up some miscellaneous Giants paraphernalia cushions, placards, etc. and put them on display around the house. For me, game day is all about wardrobe. Ill wear a Giants T-shirt under a Giants sweatshirt, and either Giants sweatpants or my Giants pajamas most, by the way, were gifts from my wonderful sister and her family. Of course, Ill also wear one of three or four Giants hats. Over the years, Ive had a bunch of Giants glassware for my refreshments, but theyve all cracked over the years, and now use a plastic mug, which features a liquid and plastic football lining, and can be frozen. As the liquid thaws, the little footballs begin to float around the mug. Pretty cool! I do need to sit in my favorite recliner, with a straight-on view of the TV. I also have a Giants blanket that would normally hang off my recliner, but the night before the first playoff game against Tampa Bay, I spread it out on the floor in the living room. Of course, I followed the same routine throughout the playoffs, and will spread it out again Saturday night. During the game against the Bills, where the Giants were losing at the half, I swapped my blue hat for the white one and Big Blue came back. I also made the switch from the white T-shirt to the long-sleeved blue one, and opted for the jammies. Thats the winning combination I must be wearing this weekend. Lastly, my buddy Pete came over to watch the first playoff game and each game since so now he HAS to watch the game at my house this weekend! Thats pretty much it except for the yelling and screaming. Let me know what you think, and GO BIG BLUE!!!

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