Fire chief sets record straight

To the Editor: To set the record straight, the building the Port Henry Fire Department is in is not a fire department it is a garage, always has been a garage and always will be a garage. As far as fixing it up, according to the professionals and not the firefighters, it would cost the same if not more than putting up a new structure. We have thoroughly investigated all options: Wheelocks garage again a garage, not big enough and making the turn up hill in the winter time would be dangerous if not impossible. The property Mr. Van Slooten offered is located in a very dangerous section of Route 9 and is next to a protected stream which requires setbacks which would not allow enough room for a building. The issue of consolidation with Moriah was studied by the town and found not to be beneficial to any taxpayer. False accusations against me as the chief is not only wrong, it might be borderline slander. The engineering studies on the building were done before my time and if ex-trustee Thierry had listened he would have heard that when it was explained to him that only the back section of the building has been condemned. Remember, the right person with a whole lot of money could do something with this building, i.e., the old K of C building. As far as selling the building, this was a village board decision and would it not be nice to sell the building, make some money and put it back on the tax rolls to help out with the taxes? Just to get it right, the village board does not have to put selling property, or at least exploring its options up for referendum. George C. Daly
Port Henry Fire Department

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