A waste of energy

I burn propane at my house for appliances and heat. Theres a two-sided propane fireplace situated between my bedroom and bath like I need it. I have two wood burning situations in my house, a large fireplace that takes large cuts of hardwood, and a modern Danish Rais woodstove with a 14 inch fire-box that chews foot-longers. Dont know if cutting the wood to burn adds to the global warming problem, but I think it does. Im certain heating my house adds to the global warming problem, especially cause Im heating it for one person most of the time. But I havent mated and bred and added to the overall population, so maybe that Im just one person in the long and perhaps even short run, is good for the global warming problem. Nah, fact is my house is large for one person, even if that one person is only one, large person. I like my house though. Yeah, Im thinking now, cutting wood hurts because dont trees spew good things into the air and suck bad things from it? I may never know. To help stay in shape, or Id rather say, to help stay healthy, I exercise four to five times a week at a fancy workout center. Dumb huh? I could simply hike a mountain (took one yesterday, 19 degrees, clear blue cloudless sky, hard to come by in January in Vermont glorious. I would never actually say the word glorious, but Id write it), and do push-ups, sit-ups and squat thrusts at home. For goings sake, working out at a fancy gym isnt a bad thing is it? Its a good thing isnt it, because Im trying to be healthy, which means, hopefully, and overallfully, Ill be less of a strain on the health system, and thats a good thing for global warming. But then again my workout center has two pools (one for laps and one for little kids to dink around in), which are heated to mid 80 degree temps, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That cant be good for global warming. I want to tell you that I feel like a jerk going to this fancy workout place. I feel like the steel and wood and sheetrock and plastic (the plastic is used especially in the TVs, yeah TVs in an exercise place, every cardio machine has a TV attached, and there are four large ones stationed high in the center of the weight room OTB style), used to construct the place are materials better spent on structures more necessary, like schools and hospitals and such. Its cute how the beautiful delicate ladies who, in the middle of town, tramp their feet holding picket signs as they speak out against the worst situations contributing to global warming, are the same ladies jamming butt, sweating, stretching and splish splashing around in those tepid pools day in and day out. I wonder if they feel like jerks the way I do? I hope not, because theyre not jerks. Theyre beautiful, kind, considerate, responsible ladies through and through, and when they scream out against global warming theyre doing what they know is right, that is, theyre taking action to become involved in dialogue toward awareness of our most recent cause celebre (remember AIDS? the War?). The thing is, I wonder if they realize how deeply their lives are involved in contributing to the warming of our globe, and if they do, do they actually, or better yet, will they actually ever make severe adjustments to their lives to help change our course? I hope they will because at this point, Im pretty sure Im a ways off from making any severe changes in my life. Im being honest when I say my life is a huge contributor to global warming. I live in a house thats a good thousand to fifteen hundred square feet larger than I need. I keep the heat to a level thats higher, by at least five degrees, than what I need. I drive a Chevy Trailblazer, its an SUV, and I expect to be buying another larger SUV, a Tahoe, when its time to trade. I constantly use products that I know are manufactured with hardly a thought to helping conserve our natural resources. I live what most would call a simple uncluttered life, yet I still use many more products and items than what I need. I support events that are disastrous to our worlds physical well being (24 Hours of Daytona -- now theres a good idea). Hell, I hardly put a concentrated effort into consistent recycling. Thats right, not only did I have two Christmas trees this year, but come Spring, Ill burn em both. I tell ya Al Gore buddy, you got my butt some confused about how I should be living. I sometimes feel I should get rid of everything I own, stop doing everything I do, and just go somewhere and wither away, because to do anything more is to be a menace to our Earths health. At three oclock this afternoon all the neighbors from my road, and their kids, some twenty folks all in, went sledding. The point halfway up the road where we started our runs allowed us an almost half mile, curvy, steep in some parts, shush. One neighbor didnt sled, instead he was our D.F., designated ferrier. He transported us back up the hill in his truck so we didnt have to walk, which made it so we could make many more runs in the time we were to spend sledding. The transport truck ran constantly for an hour and a half. Because sledding with your neighbors is a great healthy bonding thing to do, Id wager not one of us, or too many of you, would see our using a truck for transport as being a waste of energy. But of course it was. I should writing stop now. Wasting energy somehow.

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