Warren/Hamilton Counties Office for Aging offer long term planning information

GLENS FALLS - As more and more people are living longer, it is becoming important for everyone to prepare for the prospect of needing long-term care services during their later years.

This planning is best done before one retires. When one considers the cost of a nursing home - an average of about $100,000 annually - few can afford that kind of expense without depleting their life-saving and resources. Furthermore, the future trends regarding Medicaid and Medicare make dependence on government help less likely in the future.

With this in mind, the Warren and Hamilton Counties Office for Aging established a Long Term Care Information Resource Center (Resource Center). The purpose of the Resource Center is to provide unbiased information, education, and counseling for anyone interested in planning for their aged future with emphasis on why long term care insurance makes more sense than ever for those who wish to be in control of their financial obligations and the care choices available to them if they become frail.

The Resource Center provides two types of services to Warren and Hamilton County businesses and residents: free group presentations and free individual counseling. Group presentations can be scheduled during both day and evening hours and focus on defining long-term care, how financing works and the New York State Partnership for Long-Term Care, a new option available to protect assets.

The seminars are "no-sale" events strictly for the information and education of the attendees. Any group or organization can request a presentation to be held at a site of their choice.

Individual counseling with trained counselors is also available through the Resource Center. Counselors can review existing policies and explain the specific benefits and options or compare the benefits of two or more different policies. Counseling sessions can be arranged at different times and locations throughout the Counties.

The Resource Center is funded by the New York Sate Office for the Aging and services are available to anyone wishing to learn more about the various long term care options, either for themselves or a family member. To schedule a group presentation, individual counseling session, or to learn more, contact Neil Roberts at (518) 695-6496 or nroberts@spa.net

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