Ti has long history of snowmobiling

TICONDEROGA - The first snowmobile was built in 1913 by a New Hampshire man named Virgil D. White, he built a caterpillar track unit to be adapted for the Model T Ford. In 1925 Carl Eliason built the motor toboggan and was granted a patent on the design. In the late 1940s companies began to build over the snow vehicles called "Iron Dogs." The major breakthrough for recreational snowmobiles came in 1958. J. Armand Bombardier developed what people commonly refer to as the first consumer snowmobile and was initially called the "Ski-Dog." The company quickly changed the name to Ski-Doo and production units hit the snow in 1959. Ski-Doo is celebrating 50 years as a snowmobile manufacturer and is one of four remaining manufacturers of snowmobiles.

The first snowmobile club in Ticonderoga (Adirondack Snowmobile Club) was formed in 1969 and Doug Spring was elected president. The first meeting was held at Roxie's Restaurant on street road which approximately 65 people attended. Spring accepted the nomination to be president of the club, but only for the first year to help the club get established. Harry Geiser would become the next president and be involved through the mid 1970s. The local club organized group rides to Miller Mountain (Midnight Runs) and would enjoy each other's company while sipping on coffee and cooking hot dogs. Bob Burris built a cabin on Miller Mountain for all the local snowmobilers to enjoy, the cabin was always stocked with packets of cocoa and coffee.

Larry Huestis recalled how they would melt some snow to make their coffee. Putts Pond was a common destination used as a proving ground for their sleds.

In 1970 there was a blizzard that dumped over three feet of snow and the Ticonderoga paper mill was still being operated downtown Ti. Spring and others rode their snowmobiles to work. The following year Ti was hit with another blizzard producing over three feet of snow and Spring and his co-workers rode their sleds to the mill's new location on the Shore Airport Road.

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