One Hundred Years Ago - Dec. 1908

'Old Moll' drunk on pond water

Viele Pond (Harrington Hill) water has a reputation for causing flat chests to swell and round; for turning sour stomachs into bay windows of health and for putting dyspepsia over the dump.

Will Straight's horse, "Old Moll," a quiet unsuspecting beast of well-rounded proportions, known all over Warrensburgh as "a woman's horse," was taken there recently for a drink and got rompish in a hurry, struck a grand circuit gait and took off to her stall in the barn at home showing speed never seen in her before.

The next day she was staid and solemn as usual in the pursuit of her quiet every day existence.

(Note... William H. Straight owned a Warrensburg mercantile establishment which sold groceries, hardware and crockery.)

House fire at Adirondack

Mrs. Town's house caught fire at Adirondack from an overflow of oil in her oil stove. After burning considerable wood work the blaze was extinguished by the heroic efforts of Henry Gilpatrick, who was summoned by the constant ringing of Mrs. Well's dinner bell. If not for his prompt assistance, the house would have been in ruins. Mr. Gilpatrick had one side of his face quite badly burned.

Lingering effects of drought

This year Warren County and vicinity has experienced one of the most severe droughts that have been seen in a very long time. The long-continued dry spell has left little water in the streams and many wells have run dry. We now have some snow on the ground and hope for an old fashioned "January thaw."

The tax rate in the town of Hague for the ending of the year 1908 is the highest ever known since the war, so the older folks say, it being three cents on the dollar.

State buys forest land

Eleven thousand acres of finely wooded lands in the Adirondacks were bought by the state forest purchasing board of William Harris, of Northville, for the uniform price of $6.75 an acre. The lands are scattered tracts in Hamilton and Warren counties and mostly lie surrounded by state lands.

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