Notes from the Pit: The best game of the year... fan mail... and gifts

I probably should have put my "editor's cap" back on before I let that mistake go to press - my bad.

I'm glad I made the mistake, though, because it's nice to receive a letter - not an email, but a real, actual letter. That means the reader took the time to read the column and respond in a meaningful way. Thanks, Linda - I have tacked your letter to my wall of fame.

And speaking of receiving a little holiday cheer, I thought I would wrap this column up by giving out a few "presents." Of course, I won't actually be giving anything to anybody - but you already knew that, because I put quotation marks around the word "presents."

To the Community Store in Saranac Lake: I give the remaining shares needed to open the store. I really hope this endeavor works out. I went skiing with my father last weekend on the train tracks behind Carcuzzi and McDonalds, and I realized that it is truly worth it to wait patiently for a Community Store rather than to tear up our land and build a Wal-Mart.

And on that note, to the crowd that continuously chants that you can't buy underwear and socks in the Tri-Lakes, and in turn uses that as proof that we need a Big Box store: I give you driving directions to the seven or eight (by my count, anyway) businesses that sell underwear and socks right here, in the Tri-Lakes.

To fans of the Chicago Cubs: I give you the Chicago White Sox. They're only a short drive away, they've had some recent postseason success, and they're still in Chicago.

To President-elect Barack Obama: I give a free pass on the whole cigarette smoking thing - if I had to inherit this mess, I'd probably pick up the habit, too.

To residents of Lake Placid and North Elba: I give you a consolidated local government that cuts out the fat and retains key services, while making sure the blue-collar workers don't get a raw deal.

To Peter Wilson, owner of Major Plowshares: If we were to consolidate North Elba and Lake Placid, wouldn't that old town hall make a great movie theatre?

Chris Morris is the news editor at Denton Publications. He can be reached at chrism@denpubs.com

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