Notes from the Pit: The best game of the year... fan mail... and gifts

Too many things on my mind this week... impossible to form a focused, coherent column. But hey, what else is new?

Sunday night - deemed "Football Night in America" by the execs at NBC who are still bitter about losing Monday Night Football to ESPN - provided us football fans with arguably the best game of the season. I usually prefer watching two quarterbacks dissect the opposing defense (say, Peyton Manning v. Tom Brady or Phillip Rivers v. Jay Cutler), but Sunday night's game was all about the running backs. The days of the feature-back are officially over in the NFL - now, it's all about the two-headed monster, and Sunday's showdown was a prime example. DeAngelo Williams was borderline unstoppable, and when he sat down to take a breather, his back-up Jonathan Stewart, while his rushing numbers weren't anything to gawk at, showed a knack for getting open as a receiver.

The real treat, however, was watching Brandon Jacobs' second-in-command Derrick Ward run rampant on Carolina's defense. He finished the game with 215 yards, looking at times like New York's best offensive threat going into the postseason.

That's enough football talk for now - the playoffs are just around the corner and you're likely going to hear more about football in the coming weeks than you will ever need to know.

Contrary to popular belief, I do receive feedback on both this paper and this column from time-to-time. In fact, I have a letter right here from one Linda Warner of Lake Placid.

You may recall a column from two weeks ago in which I gave budding reporters advice on how (not) to be a good reporter. Well, at the end of the column I wrote "your welcome," which is, of course, grammatically incorrect. Linda wrote-in to remind me that it is not "my welcome" or "your welcome," but "you're welcome," as in "you are welcome."

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