Who will be the new Turkey Damage Control Officer?

The Essex Town Position Auctioneers Bored announces that they are now accepting bids for their position of Turkey Damage Control Officer. Position requires bending, lifting, sitting and setting. Position will include intercepting and sending to the Chicago Pound any two legged turkey or anyone foaming at the mouth, white dogs answering to the sound of Gobble-Gobble, and strange lookers. Senate seats or Ambassadorships have been spoken for. No phone calls or Attorney Generals need apply. No police please. Bids begin at $1.00.

Someone asked me last week if the Lewis farm was the largest ever seen in Essex. I have just finished some research into Essex's past, and interestingly, at one time Essex had a series of very large farms, over 1300 acres, which is, when compared to farms in the Midwest, just barely one section. These large Essex farms, owned, for example, by the Derbys, the Nobles, and the Baldwins criss crossed our two hundred years and exceed anything we have today. What happened to them? Why simply, the owners passed away. It happened to all and to all it will happen.

It was a surprise last week was to see Tony Fine-looking 6'10", wearing just a T-shirt chasing a dog (No it was not white - the dog, I mean, but the T-shirt was) down Main Street. Good news from June Lawrence whose injured family members seem to be well on the way to mending. Jackie Wardell proved she reads these perambulations; she could not find her name in last week's compendium. I do that from time to time to check on whose reading the column.

Snow came last week and so did our road crew. Just wish they wouldn't drop the plow in front of my house. Another, surprise last week was to find Stub and Gretna Longware out and about, and the Pleasant Valley Corale giving us a splendid concert, which was repeated in E-Town last weekend. Lastly, Wes carefully managed a solo appearance at the DNC's most recent session. In closing, I hope you have enjoyed this week's chrestomathy and the ones in the past as well.

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