Managing your pet's holiday stress

The last week before Christmas is often a time when we focus on visiting family and preparations. However, this is also a time that can be extremely stressful for our pets. Visitors coming and going provide the potential for pets to escape via open doors. The influx of strange people can also be a source of stress for our pets, particularly if they are used to a specific routine. Guests need to be made aware of "pet rules" around the house - you may have rules about giving out scraps or allowing pets on certain furniture, for example. Pet owners also need to be cognizent of potential sources of danger in the home, such as wrappings, bows, and ribbons, which your dog or cat may perceive as a pet toy. Some decorations and plants are hazardous and even toxic, such as the poinsetta plant.

This week's featured pet is Barnabas, an orange tabby domestic shorthair-mix fellow who has an expressive face and gorgeous golden eyes. Barnabas likes to rule the house, and enjoys checking out every nook and cranny of a new environment! Once he is satisfied that he knows where things are, he enjoys being petted and getting plenty of attention. Barnabas is a handsome cat who knows that he is true royalty!

Many people assume that all cats are very similar in personality. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you will learn when you meet our many feline residents. For example, Clint is a domestic shorthair tabby-mix who enjoys the company of other cats as much as people - a real "social butterfly!" Denzel is a handsome young black-and-white fellow who enjoys playing as much as curling up on your lap. All of our cats have unique peronalisties and interesting histories - you can ask our shelter staff for their stories! Isn't now a perfect time to add a new family member to your household?

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