Locals anticipate grand opening of new restaurant

As the pair prepares for the opening of Durant's in the next few weeks, they are making some dramatic changes and making sure that this restaurant has its own unique flair. The interior of the restaurant has been rearranged to make for a more family oriented atmosphere. The menu will differ from the Black Mountain's, but the quality of the food served will be nothing less than equal.

"It's been an ongoing process for the last three months; we've been doing private food shows at the Black Mountain and we have a lot of great ideas for this menu," Eagan said. "The whole restaurant is going to be very people friendly, kid friendly, and native friendly."

Of course, Durant's has the advantage of being much larger than the Black Mountain, as well as being in a great location close to the center of North Creek. However, MacDonald and Eagan don't think that the two restaurants will be competing against one another.

"I think the Black Mountain has found its niche and this place too will find its niche. They are two different places," Eagan commented.

As for the name, coming up with something original took some serious thought.

"We had a tough time naming the place," MacDonald admitted. "It's kind of like naming a baby!"

The name Durant is taken from William Durant, a man who helped bring the trains and great camps to the Adirondack region.

"We kind of wanted to be connected with the area, but not strictly with the river or the mountain," Eagan said in reference to the many area businesses named after Gore Mountain and the Hudson River.

But what is really important to MacDonald and Eagan is the infectious enthusiasm and passion with which they run their businesses, characteristics that they guarantee will be found at Durant's.

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