Garage sale signs to be regulated

LAKE GEORGE - If you host a garage sale this summer and plan on posting flyers all over the village to promote it, the village has a new response: "Fuggedaboutit!"

The Lake George Village Board passed a new ordinance Monday to limit the number of garage sale postings to six, with the restriction that they not be left up for more than seven days, and must be taken down within 24 hours of the sale's conclusion.

Lake George Mayor Robert Blais said the ordinance would reduce the unnecessary clutter of homemade signs on telephone poles and elsewhere in the village.

"We had to take action," he said. "Some people were plastering garage sale signs all over the village."

The board also officially designated Blais Park as an official park, in part to discourage the possibility of an adult retail store from locating nearby, as an existing ordinance prohibits such enterprises from locating 500 feet from schools, churches and parks.

Also, the village board heard that a plan to merge the town and village municipalities is further ahead than anticipated.

Fairweather Consulting has finished a draft plan and it was to be reviewed Thursday by the inter-municipal Consolidation Committee.

Blais predicted the consolidation plan would be ready by the March 7 deadline, so it could go before the voters March 18 in the village election.

The board approved a plan to appraise a plot of village-owned property on the shore of Lake George near Tahoe Motel. The members of the Hill Drive Homeowners Association are interested in buying the plot, about 100 feet square, which once hosted a village water dept. pumping station, but now is primarily vacant, except for a picnic table.

The Homeowners' Association is now paying $4,000 per year for a 10-year lease, but they are now seeking to purchase the property, which is likely to have substantial value, Blais said.

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