Adirondack cell coverage expanding

The Agency approved the tower based on its minimal impacts and high level of substantial invisibility. This site is completely back dropped by wooded hills. The tower height is nearly equal to the surrounding vegetation and the foreground includes tall trees to help blend the tower into the landscape. Verizon used dark gray paint tones to further conceal the tower. This type of effort allows for the integration of telecommunication technology without adversely impacting the scenic appeal of the Adirondack Park or dramatically altering community character.

Overall in 2008, Verizon Wireless was issued five permits for new towers and one general permit to co-locate antennas on an existing smokestack.

T-Mobile received eight general permit approvals to co-locate antennas; five were issued to co-locate on free standing towers along the Northway, one co-location on a water tank, one co-location on the Olympic ski jump in North Elba and one replacement and co-location.

AT&T secured one permit to construct a new tower, one general permit to co-locate on an existing tower and one permit amendment to replace antennas on an existing tower.

Independent Towers, LLC secured the first permit to construct a new tower designed to accommodate multiple carriers. AT&T and T-Mobile will provide service from this tower which is located between exit 32 and 33 in the Town of Lewis, Essex County. There is additional space for two more cellular carriers.

Significant progress was also made closing the coverage gap along Interstate 87. The Agency issued 12 permits for cellular projects between exit 23 and exit 34. Six general permits were issued that authorized the co-location of antennas on free- standing towers. Currently, five additional proposals for cellular coverage on the Northway are pending approval. Once approved and pending towers are constructed, coverage along the Northway through the Park will be greatly improved.

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