A study in shameless self promotion

I realize that many of you are familiar with how blogs work, but it would be quite ignorant of me to assume that everybody has a full understanding of the "blogosphere." That's a little bit of blog-jargon for you. I have no clue what it means.

What kind of things will I write about on my blog? Here's a little sampling from today's (Dec. 16) post:

"Is it just me, or is David Caruso of CSI: Miami the worst television actor of all time? And not only is his acting sloppy and lazy, the character he portrays - Lieutenant Horatio Caine - is also sloppy and lazy. He literally does nothing at all. If you were to create a job description for Lt. Caine, it would read something like this: put hands on hips; scowl at the ground; rub forehead and gaze at the Miami Beach skyline; take glasses off in one smooth motion and turn head like you're promoting dandruff shampoo; spit out one-liners in rapid succession while utilizing deep, gravelly voice; pretend like you know how this week's episode will end before anyone else, including the show's writers and directors."

This blog thing is going to be fun.

Chris Morris is the news editor at Denton Publications. He can be reached at chrism@denpubs.com

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