A study in shameless self promotion

First off, I'd like to send a big "thank you" to David Sommerstein at North Country Public Radio. In my never-ending quest for shameless self promotion, David humored me and asked listeners of his radio show "The Beat Authority," to check out both my column, "The Gravel Pit," and my new blog, "The Daily Pit."

That's right, folks, I have a blog. So, for those of you seeking daily assurance of your own sanity, you can visit the newly redesigned Denpubs.com, enter the "Media Lounge," and click on "The Daily Pit."

What is "The Daily Pit?"

Well, for starters, it's daily, meaning that it updates every day (i.e., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.). And secondly, it's a pit, meaning it's "the stone of a fruit, as of a cherry, peach, or plum."

Wait, wrong definition. Wow, did you know how many definitions there are for the word "pit?" Under nouns, there are 24 separate definitions of pit, and an additional seven or so definitions of pit as a verb.

After some further research, though, I have settled on this definition of pit, in regards to my column:

"The sunken area of a bowling alley behind the pins, for the placement or recovery of pins that have been knocked down."

Got ya! That's not it either. It turns out that none of the definitions suggested at www.dictionary.com make sense, or if they do make sense, I'd rather not associate them with my column (see: all definitions linking the word "pit" to the biblical description of hell).

Okay, before I let this deteriorate any further, let's get serious. My new blog will essentially be a daily version of this column. So, for those of you who truly enjoy reading my column every week (at last estimate, there were five of you), you can now read it every day - and, when I say things that are completely foolish and inaccurate, you can call me out on the spot by using the "post comment" feature.

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