Thurman residents question candidates for top town post

Edwin Baker: "When we looked into Thurman's history for the Bicentennial we discovered Thurman was founded by a flatlander!" (Note: John Thurman was from Long Island).

Lawrence "Red" Pitkin: "I do think this is an issue. We have to realize people are not that different regardless of where they are from. It all starts with listening."

Joan Harris: "I do not think this is an issue at all, and I was offended by the comments in the newspaper. I think most people let the comments roll off their backs."

Randall Oppitz: "Comments like 'flatlander' are used to divide - this is a reality in this town. No one has ever treated me poorly, but there is a history of treating 'outsiders' differently."

Q: Should there be a Sole Assessor or should the town maintain the system of three? What is the best approach to get fair assessments for everyone?

Albert Vasak Sr: "The problem is in finding three people who want to do it. There is no trust - everyone has an interest. People have to step up and run for office - here you can actually make a change."

Edwin Baker: "I would support whatever the people have voted for - they have always voted for three assessors. In order to change the system, the town supervisor would have to convince the townspeople."

Lawrence "Red" Pitkin: "From my understanding of the issue, the point is moot - the people have voted and decided on three assessors. We do need to look into the assessment process here - people must be exchanging information so less things get hidden. It has become a personal thing."

Joan Harris: "For a long time I have supported three assessors - I am no longer against appointing a Sole Assessor. It's been proven that not many people want that job-and who would?"

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