State DOT issues findings from study of Route 11 Corridor

Believing the development of a full expressway would take "many years," Wilbur Smith examined a stepped process which involved addressing existing traffic and safety concerns by making improvements that would ultimately be incorporated into an expressway design. One of the improvements consists of creating passing lanes on various sections of Route 11, which would measure approximately three-quarters of a mile to a mile in length.

"Passing lanes would hopefully allow the breaking up of traffic every few miles so they're not all stuck behind a truck, for example," said Levy. "It can be very difficult to pass in a legal passing area, sometimes.

Bypasses that would divert faster moving traffic from more densely-populated communities such as Rouses Point were also recommended.

"There are a lot of fast-moving vehicles sometimes in some of these villages, when there's already passenger traffic that's just trying to get from one end of the village to the other," said Levy. "[The fast-moving vehicles] would be using the bypass instead of going through the village so that would improve safety."

The bypasses were only suggested for communities with populations of 2,000 or more, said Levy, due to the high cost associated with their construction. Costs would ultimately depend on the cost of obtaining land for the bypasses, if necessary, as well as environmental impact studies and other necessary research and procedures.

"What we've proposed in this document provides very little of what we call 'throw-away,'" said Levy. "The majority of what we would do in the interim are things that could hopefully be incorporated into an expressway. That way, we're not building a passing lane for say $2 million and turning around in 15 years to tear it out. The intent is to try to keep as much of whatever we do now there and incorporate it into a full expressway concept later on."

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