Burghers turn tide in win over Spa Catholic

WARRENSBURG - High School Seniors Mercedes Maltbie and Carol White conspired Monday to inject hope into the 2008 girls basketball campaign after three consecutive early-season losses.

Maltbie tallied 18 points and 10 rebounds, while Carol White had 7 steals and 8 points in the 43-30 win over Spa Catholic. Senior Jen Durkin added 5 points, Junior Kate Taddeo had 6, while Senior Teagan Rafferty, Junior Kaitlin May and Sophomore Aerealia Simpers had one field goal apiece.

The win follows a 49-32 loss Dec. 5 to Fort Edward, a loss Dec. 3 to Hadley-Luzerne, a loss Dec. 1 to Greenwich, and a prior win over Spa Catholic.

Against Fort Edward, Durkin and Maltbie each had 11 points, and Rafferty scored 8.

Against Hadley-Luzerne, Taddeo lead the Burghers with 8 points, followed by Jen Durkin's 6, Carol White and Teagan Rafferty with 5 each and Mercedes Maltbie's four.

Regardless of the latest win Monday night, coach Scott Smith said he was still less than joyous about the team's performance so far.

For the past three games, he'd been rotating players into and out of the starting roles to find a combination that possesses a successful chemistry.

"I'm looking for a lineup that will 'click,'" he said. "We're struggling to find consistent play at both ends of the court."

He said his young team needs to build its experience to find its stride. "So far, we've had a terribly slow start offensively, averaging only five points per quarter," he said.

In their initial home-court meetup against Spa Catholic last week, the Burghers won a 26-23 defensive battle, in which the lead exchanged often. The Burghers were initially down 10-4, but went on a 10-point run to stay in the game.

With the Burghers up 1 point late in the game, Katarina Edwards nabbed an offensive rebound and put back a layup to push the Burgher lead to 3 points with 30 seconds to go, and the Burghers ran down the clock for the win.

Early turnovers were a problem for Warrensburg, but no turnovers sealed the game, the team's first win of the season, in which Mercedes Maltbie hit 10 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and blocked 5 shots in aggressive play.

Next up for the Burghers are two away games: Friday against Hartford, followed by one in Corinth Wednesday.

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