DPW discussions continue as Goodspeed responds to outbursts

WEVERTOWN - The continued debate over the future of a consolidated Department of Public Works (DPW) in the Town of Johnsburg again topped the agenda at the Dec. 2 board meeting.

A DPW has been suggested as an option to provide the town better employee supervision, improved use of available resources, and labor cost savings in the summer months.

Clarifying discussions from earlier this year, Supervisor Goodspeed confirmed that the issue was one of internal organization and would not be addressed as part of a change in the Highway Superintendent election process.

In a parallel discussion, Goodspeed shared with the board his discovery that the Warren County Highway Department would be dramatically scaling-back its historical clearing of North Creek's Main Street sidewalks.

The announcement came as a result of County budget cuts. Several area businesses have recently expressed concern over the condition of the sidewalks with the approaching ski season.

During the lengthy discussion attention was turned to the Johnsburg Parks and Recreation Department as its Supervisor, Matt Olden, addressed the board.

Olden's comments were in response to Goodspeed's contention that as Town Supervisor, it was not in the Town's best interest to have the Parks Department report to the Supervisor's office.

Olden vehemently stated his opposition to the merger and in particular his frustration over feeling that he did not have input on the process or discussion. He further asserted his belief that the Town Board, and

Goodspeed in particular, did not understand his job or daily workload.

"What it pretty much boils down to is you're not satisfied with what we're doing right now," Olden said.

Goodspeed countered the assertion and recognized Olden's contribution to the town.

"No - what it boils down to for me is I don't believe it's appropriate for me to try to be your boss," Goodspeed said.

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