Seeing double...

Doc Holliday: [takes out a second gun] "I have two guns, one for each of ya."

Sorry for the Tombstone reference, but I promised a buddy I'd work it into my column and this seemed like an opportune time.

Back to the lost-next-to-a-road story.

I stumbled through the trees toward the light as it grew brighter and brighter, then fell to the frozen earth, driving my handkerchief-wrapped face in the powder. (Are you picturing Pa on Little House, stumbling through that fake snow?)

"Not even the great woods-wise Sioux chief can save me now," I thought, as darkness closed in.

Just then, a county truck roared past, snapping me back to consciousness with the slushy spray from its wing plow.

"Ain't life a kick in the head," I said aloud, as I stepped on to the blacktop.

John Gereau is managing editor of Denton Publications and an avid outdoorsman. He can be reached at johng@denpubs.com.

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