Driving the biosphere

To the editor: Where do we drive our cars? Toward destruction or survival? Wherever it is, we usually try for constant control. But which is it toward? Disasters within one flick of the wheel, or, at any moment, releasing the wheel, leaving fate to wherever we may be aimed. Avoiding that always needs attentive care. We, as a species, dominate our planet, driving its biosphere, constantly controlling that. Planetary disaster is only around some carelessly taken corner; survival always possible too though, but needing our careful, constant attention. We can let it merely go where it will, wherever currently aimed, leaving its course to business as usual, closing our eyes to its fate, flinging away responsibility, surrendering all lifes survival. Shall we do that though? Letting atmospheric carbon build without heed coastlines change whatever way; nuclear fissions plutonium accumulate, endlessly shortening whatever lives? Or assure Earths survival, even though requiring huge wind turbines, newly towering above trees? Earth isnt the immense, limitlessly uncontrollable place we once perceived. It's tiny, in our total control. At this stage, relinquishing that kills life, maybe all of it. If we want its survival, giving up controls not an option. All Earths life needs our careful planetary driving. At this turn, that means wind power, in megawatt-sized doses, filling every wind resource, accepting that or moving to regions with lower wind. Thats where our course leads: Watch it! Were leaving the road! Blind business as usual will wreck us! Lets keep our eyes open, driving ahead. Steering, not through our rear view mirror, but by the road before us as far as the horizon, steering wisely and carefully. Life having no reverse gear, reliving the past centurys no option. Time propels us forward; it has no brakes. At this stage, our suicidal genocide can lead to Earths panocide. David E. Manwell Beekmantown

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