Warrensburg football players looking forward to new season

WARRENSBURG Four-foot-ten-inch high school freshman football player Johnny Vaisey ran downfield Tuesday and tangled with someone twice his weight and one-and-a-half feet taller, Lineman Chris Turner. The collision resembled a tackle, and the Warrensburg Football coaches shouted out a chorus of cheers for Vaiseys enthusiasm but also voiced warnings that he could not break league rules prohibiting real tackles this early in the season. Look at Vaisey take him down, assistant coach Rex Reynolds said. Youve got to credit him for his enthusiasm. Reynolds said the 2008 Warrensburg High School Football Team is blessed with the Three Es energy, enthusiasm and encouragement that should take them far this season. With a new head coach at the helm and this trio of positive characteristics, the Warrensburg team is optimistic about their prospects and looking forward to competition, he said. Their practices started Monday, and their first practice matchup is with Lake George and Corinth in a scrimmage Aug. 30 on the Lake George field. Warrensburg's first regular-season game is Sept. 7 on their home field versus Fort Edward. New WCS Head Coach Mike Leonbruno said his players are enthusiastic about getting their season started, they encourage each other to do their best, and theyre burning up a lot of calories in improving their skills. Its like a family atmosphere the way they help each other, he said. If anyone slacks off, players encourage them to work harder. Reynolds agreed. Their heart and enthusiasm is their strength as a team, he said. For decades, tough, talented players with considerable skills annually populated football teams at Warrensburg, but their efforts routinely fell short in season records and post-season play. But in 2004, Warrensburg advanced to the state semi-finals, setting a school record in the process. The 2008 team can remember the glory their forerunners basked in, and are now seeking to reclaim the winning ways after plodding through a losing season last year, Assistant Coach Dave Beck said at Tuesdays practice. This is a good, hardworking group, he said. They enjoy what they do and that makes a difference for both the coaching staff and the players.

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