Support the war? Then volunteer

To the Times of Ti: Where does one respond to a letter such as the one written by Geri Hedden (Times of Ti, Aug. 2)? A letter filled with so much misinformation, fear and ignorance of the facts. Lets take it paragraph for paragraph. First, we do not spend our time laughing or cavorting with passersby. Pardon us for breathing if we can still smile given the situation at hand. She has the brass to ask if we remember 9/11/01 and the so called axis of evil. What and who are the axis of evil Ms. Hedden? Of all the prisoners the U.S. still holds in Guantanamo and elsewhere, not one is an Iraqi. So what are we doing in Iraq? Some, maybe many, are Arabs and we all know how close the Bush family is to the Arabs. As for Pearl Harbor, those of us old enough certainly were not protesting and willingly participated. Many of us are veterans of WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Do we care about the families and their loved ones serving now? You can bet we do. You can also bet we dont want to see anymore young people caught up in this debacle. I have spoken to at least five families, including one of a deceased soldier and my heart goes out to them. All of them want to see it end and they wish they knew how to end it. Ms. Hedden doesnt have to tell us this is serious business. Ms. Hedden says that the billions upon billions of dollars being spent is protecting us from another bomb attack. How? Does she know something we dont know? For example, how much of this money has been used to improve our air and ground defenses in this country? No, no, no, my good woman, this money is not being used as you suggested to keep heroin and cocaine out of our country though most likely some of it is used to bring this junk into the country. Perhaps Ms. Hedden is too young to remember Col. Ollie North, Ronald Reagan and Nicaragua. I wont even comment on the so-called possible Al Quida or Taliban attack of our area. Ms. Hedden says she and her husband are part of a group calling themselves Patriot Guard Riders supposedly protecting war victims and their families from the likes of us. Their protection of these families comes too little and too late. Their protection will better come by protesting the sending of people off the wars that benefit only the likes of Bush, Cheney, Brown-Kellogg and Root, Blackwater Associates, Exxon-Mobil, Shell, BP, Halliburton and the myriad of other private contractors having the greatest stake, to say nothing of Boeing, Martin Marietta, etc., etc., ad nauseum. Ms. Hedden mentions our local youth fighting and searching for the most evil man in the world. Did it ever occur to her that this man just might be the myth of the century? I mean between our FBI, CIA, CID, Scotland Yard and Co-Intelpro something should have been accomplished by now in finding a man who needs dialysis three times a week. Is she not aware of the 935 lies that Bush and company have foisted on us to scare the living hell out of us? Last, Ms. Hedden, you dont have to remind us that we may on occasion drive someone to tears, but we knew from the get-go that this war was and is still wrong and we will continue to do what needs to be done to bring our troops home now. Finally to the Heddens and those who agree with them I say if you think the war and Bush are right then dont volunteer our children and grandchildren, but rather volunteer so that you make the supreme sacrifice yourselves. Yes, Ms. Hedden, what we are doing is worth it. Arnold Paglia Schroon Lake

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