Opposed to alcohol in town park

To the Times of Ti: In a letter the Times of Ti (Aug. 9) regarding my opposition to serving alcohol at the Hague town beach, Id like to state clearly what Rudy Meola left out. Yes, I am against the consumption (and sale) of alcohol at our town park and beach, even when its by our chamber of commerce. No, Im not opposed to music in the park, where Hagues town ordinances against open containers of alcohol are followed and respected. No, Im not for the return of Prohibition as some might think. But yes, I do think it is Meolas civic responsibility to oppose violations of town ordinances against serving and selling alcohol at the beach. But Meola, our elected councilman serving on the town boards park committee, wants to break our ordinances and allow alcohol at our beach and playground. When the Hague Chamber of Commerce submitted its proposal for allowing alcoholic beverages in the town park to the town board, the Hague Snowmobilers Club asked for the same consideration. Would the town really open Pandoras Box by approving the chambers request? Could the town board approve serving and selling alcohol to one organization and deny another? Meola intimated he had discussed this with the town attorney and that approval for the chamber was feasible. So at the July board meeting, after a review of a petition opposing alcohol at the park with about 100 signatures from Hague residents, the Hague town board voted to reverse its approval, and allowed that the chamber could hold its art show with permission to serve wine at the town Community Center instead of the town park. Meola has been the sponsor or supporter of many unenforced ordinances on the towns books. 1. After hour parking 2 No parking across from the beach and 3. town junk ordinances. Now he wants ordinances governing noise and stopping citizens from renting their own homes to vacationersboth of which may prove unenforceable, too. How many citizens of Hague know about the latter plan? Would they be in favor of a ban on renting their private property? Is it public knowledge that Meola is now sponsoring a bill to fund approximately $30,000 of taxpayers funds to hire a marketing consultant to promote tourism in Hague; this additional expense, at a time when Warren County is projecting a tax increase of 12 percent. Has this job been posted publicly? It seems to me, that promoting tourism in Hague is the chambers responsibility. I am not against all of Mr. Meola programs. Im in favor of his work on getting an agreement with a private property owner of land across from our town beach for town parking, a great idea. Still, was this an agreement that came before the board for a vote? Or is Councilman Meola empowered solely by the board to arrange for such actions? I wish Mr. Meola could be as open at board meetings as he is in his correspondence with the press. I urge more citizens to attend more town board meeting to judge for themselves whats really happening in Hague. George W. Ianson Hague

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