Ode to a four legged wonder

We stood peering down at seven tiny faces in the fenced backyard and my girlfriend Kathi pointed to one with a particularly sorrowful look. I want that one, she said, beaming as our host Dale Clifford plopped the long-eared pup in her eager arms. Her kennel name, Dale informed us, was Megan. I am so good at this dog picking thing, she proclaimed with a wave of her free hand, drawing the tiny puppy to her chest. The dog nuzzled her neck, licked at her cheek, then bit down on her earlobe. Hard. Owwwwwww, she yelped as a small trickle of blood appeared just under her hooped earring. I couldnt let this one go. No doubt, that pups a good judge of character, I said with a cautious smile. She shot me a look that could thaw the polar ice caps. Shes sweet, and I want her, she repeated, her lower lip protruding. At the same time, Dale grabbed another pup named Muriel and placed her in my arms. I think this ones probably got the best nose for tracking, he said. Although theyve all shown a real interest. Herein lied the dilemma. I had just traveled 400 miles in search of an honest-to-goodness deer tracking dog. A dog that combined the toughness of Brett Favre, the intelligence of Einstein and the nose of Barbara Streisand. Ok, I added that last analogy totally for affect - but I think you get my drift. Having spent the better part of the past year researching dogs that track wounded deer and bear, finally locating a breeder near Buffalo, then waiting for the pups to grow old enough to take home I wasnt about to leave the verdict to sheer emotion. Lets sleep on it and make the decision in the morning, I said sternly, adding Im leaning toward Muriel. Kathi smiled broadly at me from the reclined passenger seat as we began the long ride home, Megan draped around her neck, nibbling at the Band-Aid on her earlobe. Well ... I get to name her, I said with resolve. John Gereau is managing editor of Denton Publications and an avid outdoorsman. He can be reached at johng@denpubs.com

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