Fame fleeting for Ti golfer

Occasionally, people flirt with perfection. Rarely, they achieve it for a moment. That was the case Aug. 3 as the woman I live with, whom Im related to by marriage, scored a hole-in-one at Ticonderoga Country Club in a driving rain. (My wife has demanded she never be mentioned in a Times of Ti. For the purposes of this column Ill call her Rita.) Ritas ace came on the 111-yard, 11th hole using an eight iron. It was her first hole-in-one during a golf career spanning three decades although that seems a bit inconsistent with her claim of being only 29 years old. She was playing with her nephew, Brian Williams, and her brother-in-law, Steve Arzberger. She quickly finished her round after being told her ace would only count if she did so, then immediately began calling everyone she knew with the news. Friends and family then began calling other friends and family. By mid-afternoon I was expecting a bulletin on CNN announcing Ritas good fortune and skill. This is the highlight of my summer, Rita beamed as she related the details of her perfect moment apparently forgetting or ignoring we had celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary the week before. As she reflected on the big moment, it became obvious divine intervention played a role in the ace. That very morning before heading to the golf course we had been in church where Father Bill Muench, an avid golfer himself, had asked us to take stock of our lives. Had we accomplished all we had hoped in life, he asked. Father Bill was certainly looking for a more spiritual answer, but Rita left church thinking about the big gap in her life the missing hole-in-one. A little more than a hour later, she had it. After lunch at the golf course, the celebration continued at our home with family and friends. About every five minutes Rita would ask, Did I tell you I made a hole-in-one today? Ritas friend and regular golf partner Kathy Tubbs observed the obvious: Therell be no living with her now. It was a day filled with excitement and satisfaction in our home. That night as we turned off the lights Rita asked, Did I tell you I made a hole-in-one today? The life of a golf icon can be a fleeting thing, though. The next morning Rita got up and cleaned the bathrooms. The moment was over. Still, it was quite a day. In fact, it was perfect. Fred Herbst is Times of Ti editor. He can be reached at fred@denpubs.com

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