Mom floored by school supply list

To the editor: I received the list of ELCS school supplies required for grades nine, seven and three in the mail recently, and about fell over. Im not sure if the ELCS teachers are aware there are economic challenges ahead this winter, but they sure dont care about how much it costs to get kids, and multiple kids, ready for school. This is an open letter to the community asking teachers to prioritize their school supply list. Combined, the three children need a case of composition notebooks plus six packs of loose paper, about 20 three-ring binders, six dozen pencils and untold numbers of various sized spiral bound notebooks. That doesnt even include the special dictionaries, calculators, art supplies, kneaded erasers, expensive coloring materials, crayons, colored pencils and kleenex. It would cost over $500 to purchase all this, and that would buy enough food for my kids for a month. Guess whats more important? There is no way three kids could use 50 pencils in 150 days. I appreciate that the school district cannot afford these items, and no wonder. Teachers, the school staff and administration needs to prioritize just like everybody else. I cant afford this and taxes, too. And Im not buying it. Sincerely, Kim Dedam

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