Gillibrand urges recruiting high-tech enterprises for the Adirondacks

SARATOGA SPRINGS Adirondack communities should recruit and host high-technology industries to provide for their economic future, U.S. Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-Greenport) told the Adirondack Journal Friday in a phone interview from her Saratoga Springs office. On the campaign trail, Gillibrand talked about potential solutions to problems rural upstate New Yorkers are facing, and her vision of the 20th congressional districts future. Whether its enterprises involving information technology, alternative power research or biomedical and nanotechnology research, they need to be recruited by area community leaders to locate in the Adirondacks in order to boost and secure area residents economic future, she said. The Adirondacks have great potential for economic development in a way that will not harm the environment, she said, noting that high-technology light industries and the tourist trade are typically ecologically benign. Infrastructure development needs to occur to enable the light industries to locate in the Adirondacks, she said, whether its fiber-optic telecommunications cable or wi-fi broadcasting networks. Such infrastructure development needs to be undertaken by the public sector to boost private investment in the region, she said, which will contribute to the areas economic revitalization. There is so much potential in the biomedical and tech sectors in this district, she said. Middle class tax cuts are also needed to assure economic growth. can bring growth, she said. We need to improve the quality of life, she said. Gillibrand, who serves on both the Congressional Armed Services Committee and the Agriculture Committee, said she believes that her first term has been a great success. Millions of dollars of federal money have been sprinkled throughout the district, she said, to address the greatest outstanding needs. Among the 14 federal grants totalling $2.5 million coming to Warren County during her first term have been $400,000 for Glens Falls Hospital, $150,000 for the Warren County Economic Development Corp. and $100,000 for the Hudson Headwaters Health Network, based in Warrensburg, for an electronic medical records data system. We often have a health care theme in rural areas because they are traditionally underserved, she said. The recent campaign blitz of Gillibrand television commercials has primarily focused on veterans affairs. Serving individuals who are returning from deployment abroad is a central objective of hers, she said. The Federal V.A. is drastically under-funded, she said. Our troops need an advocate in Washington, and thats how I see myself. Combatting the growing public health threat of ever-increasing childhood obesity is also an objective of hers, she said. Gillibrand will be hosting a conference on childhood obesity Aug. 18 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Lake Placid. She picked the location specifically because the natural recreation resources of the Adirondacks can be part of the solution, she said. You can hike, fish and hunt in the park, she said. These are the activities we need to promote with our kids. Childhood obesity has become an epidemic nationwide, she said. Gillibrand said it is urgent for families need to enact a combination of dietary and behavioral changes to combat this problem. Gillibrand toured businesses and industries in Glens Falls earlier in the week, and took a look at the economic revitalization efforts underway there. Friday, she said shes been both challenged and pleased with her experiences as a Freshman representative in the U.S. Congress attempting to make a positive difference in the lives of her constituents. It has been an amazing opportunity, Gillibrand said. I really enjoy the one-on-one interaction with people, especially with veterans.

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