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To the editor: About 400 years ago English immigrants found a way to make staying on the North American Continent profitable for their merchant supporters. They grew tobacco to ship back to Europe. Tobacco became the cash crop of the New World. Unfortunately, it also brought slavery and an addiction to nicotine which causes a disease called cancer. We have abolished slavery, but the tobacco business, addiction to nicotine and cancer are still here. Fortunately for all of us, there are people like the Project ACTION Coalition working hard to help people resist the powers of the tobacco companies and addiction of nicotine. Tobacco can only continue to be a cash crop if our youth continue to become addicted to nicotine. Project ACTION which stands for Advocacy to Control Tobacco In Our Neighborhoods is committed to educate the public about the hazards of tobacco use and second-hand smoke in Hamilton, Fulton and Montgomery Counties. Project ACTION educates community organizations and municipal governments about the impact of tobacco advertising and promotion on our youth and young adult initiation of use. Project ACTION is responsible for convincing retailers in the three counties to make changes in the way they advertise cigarettes and tobacco or to not advertise tobacco products at all. Project ACTION encourages event planners to not accept any tobacco company corporate giving or commercial sponsorship and promotion. Project ACTION will be promoting smoke-free multi-dwelling housing, so that children wont have to be exposed to poisons and carcinogens from other families or individuals. Sincerely, Dorean Page, HFM Prevention Council

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