FOIL requests a nuisance to town

To the editor: Malcolm Martins letter of Aug. 2nd wishes to set the record straight. Id like to help with that. Since the elections last fall, Malcolm Martin and Harry Gough have submitted a series of Freedom of Information requests. Councilman Joe Martin has asked for a State Audit of the Town suggesting massive fraud at the golf course. Margaret Bartley writes articles of Town Board meetings, with details that arent quite real. Democratic Commissioner, David Mace comes to a Board meeting demanding details regarding gas usage at the golf course. Local politics seem to really be heating up. I think the FOIL requests and the request for a full-blown State Audit are not intended to help the Town of Elizabethtown. I believe the intent is to do as much political damage to the current administration as possible by continuing to throw mud hoping some will stick. Malcolm, Harry, and Joe know that these requests require a great deal of time to accommodate. The Town Clerk is an elected position with its own responsibilities, The supervisors secretary is a part time position. This leaves the enormous load of a FOIL request to the Supervisor, which compromises the rest of his responsibilities. If these FOIL and Audit requests continue for the next 18 months, until the next election, the Town will have no recourse but to hire someone to do this work. This will cost thousands of tax dollars. I believe I can honestly say that Mr. Merrihews door is always open to those with questions regarding Town issues. There are no secrets here, folks. Ken Fenimore, Councilman, Elizabethtown

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