Latter Day Saints value family

To the Times of Ti: Roughly 150 years ago, the state of Illinois issued an extermination order for members of the Mormon church. Most of those families, in the middle of the winter fled the United States of America and re settled in remote Indian territory. There they built homes, towns, and cities, they prospered, and eventually rejoined mainstream America Jan. 4, 1896, after renouncing polygamy. Another, much smaller, group of people calling themselves mormons stayed behind in Illinois and other nearby states, and adopted a very different brand of the religion. Some of that latter group have been in the news lately. It would be my position, that any group of people who operate as a closed society, create for themselves the potential for abuse of power. Any group of people who do not encourage learning, education and equality diminish themselves. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, was the first organized political entity that gave women the right to vote in whats now the United States. They were not a state at the time, so they were not the first state to do that, they were however, the second state. In general, Latter-day Saints take religion seriously, they attend three hours (or more) of church weekly, they serve in the military when called, they are fireman, policemen, Boy Scouts and lay church leaders, and nobody ever gets paid for their church service. They generally abstain from alcohol and tobacco, they generally marry once, and for life, though sometimes, sadly, divorce does happen. They learn gospel principals, and they govern themselves, nobody tells a Mormon what to do, nobody has to. There are no enclaves, no compounds, no polygamy, they run family history web sites and family history centers all across the world. To a Latter-Day Saint, the family is the important thing. They are the kind of people who performed the first open heart surgery, who star in baseball and football games, they are women who run Relief Society meetings all across the world, and work on helping members, and non members provide for their families. Some are famous rock singers and musicians. Some are currently American Idols. One Mormon even invented television. Another recently ran for president of the country. They give back to their communities their time and talents, but they dont often grab the headlines, those other guys usually do that. Fred Provoncha, Ticonderoga

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