Addison County co-op members produced high quality milk in 2007

MIDDLEBURY The popular Got Milk? advertising campaign, first created by the Goodby-Silverstein advertising agency in 1993 for the National Milk Processor Board, had an unusual benefit it focused nationwide attention on the production of quality milk products. As a result, milk sales took off and consumers recognized that local and regional dairies have a big role to play by providing an important, healthy food to the family dinner table. On April 10, the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery honored 64 Vermont and New York dairy farmer members for their production of quality milk at a banquet in Middlebury. These farmers were from Addison, Rutland and Orange counties of Vermont (and Washington County, N.Y.). Awards were presented for consistency of milk production and special plaques were awarded to those farms with outstanding quality milk. The St. Albans coop membership produces a reliable supply of quality milk with approximately 82 percent of its members milk volume meeting the Co-ops bi-monthly quality premium program. Quality awards checks were awarded to members based on their quality and inspection results for calendar year 2007. Overall, there were 55 Gold awards; 203 Silver Awards and 101 Bronze Awards. The highest achievable monetary award for a farm was $550.00. The following farmers received the highest Gold Awards from the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery for quality milk production. Gold Certificate Winners Dale and Alma Briggs of Addison Danyow Dairy, LLC of Ferrisburg Allandra Farm, Inc., Brisson Family of Vergennes Brian and Lucinda Kayhart of Vergennes Brace Farm Inc. of Ferrisburg Hollister Brothers, John, David and Brian Hollister of Whitehall, N.Y. Darren Tyler of Fort Ann, N.Y. Debra and Andrew Hogan of Whiting Daniel and Deborah Ruigrok of Hampton, N.Y. Yorkmont Farm Inc. of Hampton, N.Y. Jan and Tinie De Boer of Waltham Deer Valley Farms Partnership, Brands Family of Ferrisburg Raplip Farm Inc. of Orwell Weybridge Farms, Inc. of Weybridge Tom Magnant of the St. Albans Co-op, David Montagne, and Bryan Davis, presented the Co-ops Exceptional Quality Awards. Exceptional Quality Awards recognize producers who had the lowest averages for the year of Raw, Pasteurized, Preliminary Incubation (P.I.) and Somatic Cell Count and produce superior quality milk. Lowest Average Counts Lowest Raw Count Dale and Alma Briggs of Addison. Lowest Pasteurized Count Darren Tyler of Fort Ann, N.Y. Lowest P.I. Count Dale and Alma Briggs of Addison Lowest Somatic Cell Count North Hardwick Dairy, LLC, Meyer Family, Hardwick Superior Quality Milk Awards were provided to co-op members. These awards recognize producers who produced superior quality milk in calendar year 2007. Two members received this recognition at the banquet . Hollister Brothers of Whitehall, New York and Dale and Alma Briggs of Addison were presented plaques for superior quality milk production. Hollister Brothers achieved a total of 70 out of a possible 72 points for their quality milk production in calendar year 2007 and Dale and Alma Briggs achieved a perfect 72 out of 72 points. Leon Berthiaume, general manager of the cooperative, indicated at the banquet that A tremendous amount of effort goes into producing quality milk on these farms. It is a 365 day a year job to obtain and maintain this level of quality milk production. This effort is not always recognized by those outside of the dairy industry.

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