Run, Fatboy, Run delivers consistent laughs

Anyone can walk; not everyone can run. I have a friend who likes to run. In fact, likes is probably the wrong word. Addicted is a more reasonable description. My buddy Rob began running several years ago to lose weight. At first he said the activity was nothing short of drudgery, but after several weeks he began to notice the effect it was having on both his physical and mental state. Before long, jogging became something he actually looked forward to. After several months, Rob experienced his first runners high. For the uninitiated, a runners high is when, after jogging a certain distance, the body and mind reach an elevated state of stimulus where the brain releases high levels of endorphins. These endorphins send the athlete into a haze of pleasure where they feel they can run forever. Like any drug user, the sensation is so pleasurable that soon individuals become addicted to the feeling. Rob was thoroughly hooked. After a year of jogging several times a week, Rob was in the best shape of his life and, as he explained, as happy as any sane person could be. Ironically, this is when I began to question his sanity. Running several times a week turned into running every day, sometimes twice on weekends. When we went on vacation with he and his family, we had to work sightseeing and meals around his running schedule. If we were going to be leaving for a portion of the day, he had to calculate how much time was involved so he could determine whether or not to bring his running gear. After one evenings dinner, he actually ditched us on the way out so he could run home. Now Im all for getting in shape but there comes a point when even working out can turn into an unhealthy obsession. I mentioned this to him a few times but was met with only laughter. Seriously? he would say. Youre giving me a hard time because Im being healthy? I would usually counter with No, I just think that your family would rather see you on the weekends instead of wondering if you decided to run to Tibet that afternoon. Unfortunately for Rob, he could never let running be something he did in moderation. And then on a sunny spring morning about two miles into a run, Rob completely wrecked his ankle and knee when he misjudged a pothole in the road. After being analyzed by a doctor in the emergency room, he was also informed that his excessive running was having an ill effect on his good knee. The writing was on the wall: Running was something Rob was going to have to shelve for a very long time. Initially, Rob balked at the idea of cutting back, but after a few weeks away from the activity a strange change began to take place. Suddenly, he began to realize how obsessive he had been and the effect it was having on not only himself, but also his friends and family. Clarity overtook him and we all breathed a collective sigh of relief. Im happy to report that today Rob is totally rehabilitated and back to running, but only twice a week and thats if the weather is good. Like many other athletic pursuits, running can transform an individual by building self-esteem and confidence. And thats exactly what happens to the lonely main character in this weeks feature, Run Fatboy Run. Run Fatboy Run is an English comedy about an uninspired bachelor who is drastically out of shape both mentally and physically. The only bright spot in his life is his five-year-old son, the mother being a woman he regrettably left standing at the alter several years earlier. When she decides to marry a successful businessman who is in amazing physical shape, our hero makes a commitment to turn his life around through running. Unlike many modern comedies, Run Fatboy Run fails to regress into a mushy and unlikely love story. Moreover, the laughs are consistent and delivered by a bevy of different characters. And thanks to the talents of many of the main players, this film provides an abundance of physical and dialogue-driven humor. If youre in the mood for a wonderfully upbeat and light-hearted comedy, I highly recommend Run Fatboy Run. The humor is on more of an adult level and very English in nature, so if you enjoyed films like Four Weddings and a Funeral or Notting Hill, then youll certainly have fun with this one. A cheeky B for Run Fatboy Run. Got a question or comment for Dom? Contact him at moviediary@comcast.net

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