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To the Times of Ti: Museum officials and re-enactors have forced a New York City legislator to take a second look at his proposed gun legislation that would require owners of antique guns, black powder weapons and muzzle loading firearms to go through a background check and purchase a license/pistol permit. Where are all the black powder hunters in the North Country and surrounding area? Wake up! Assemblyman Gianaria from Queens has just begun to take your guns away by starting with your black powder firearms. In the paper, it says handgun licenses typically cost $10 or less. Id like to know where that figure came from. After fingerprinting, having your picture taken, getting all of the paperwork done, and the final cost in Essex County will run you $150. Remember also, you must be at least 21 years of age so that purchasing a black powder license, which will cut revenue from our conservation programs. This is just a cheap back door approach to get all hunters to eventually register not just their black powder guns but their rifles and shotguns, then down the road take their list and confiscate our guns like they did in England and Australia. You have to remember, New York State is the most anti-gun state in the union with the likes of Mayor Bloomberg, Hilary Clinton, Schumer, Slaughter, McCarthy, and to the commissioner of Environmental conservation Peter Grannis. Write to your representatives in Albany, Betty Little, Teresa Sayward or (JANET) Duprey and tell them to stop the theft of our hunting tradition in the North Country. Now is the time to take a stand. Dont let them take your guns. Richard J. Tromblee Moriah Center

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