A question of right and wrong

To the Times of Ti: At the February Ticonderoga board meeting, I asked Councilman (Bob) Thatcher what uses he had in mind for the Bullrock Road besides snowmobiling. He answered, access to state land. There is no law or ordinance in New York State that says you can steal private property to gain access to state land. Unfortunately for property owners and taxpayers the Ticonderoga town board thinks they can do just that. They have no deed to property owned by Lee Catlin but they want him to remove the gate at the entrance to his property. There is access to state land through the Putnam Pond campsite which is run by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. It has paved roads, a large parking area and plenty of access to state land. Ironically, the state has a gate across the public facility. It is exasperating that the town board all agreed to give the highway superintendent permission to steal Mr. Catlins property. This action will again cost the Ticonderoga taxpayers thousands of dollars regardless of the outcome. Yet they seem reluctant to encourage the highway superintendent to operate two work shifts for the winter months in an attempt to save money in snowplowing overtime. Councilman (Wayne) Taylor stated that the Bullrock and Killicut Mountain Road issues are a matter of right and wrong. In 2003 Councilman Taylor signed a statement saying he snowmobiled and used a four-wheeler on these properties and will continue to do so. How can we expect other individuals to respect private property, when our own councilmen dont. Councilman Taylor is right when he says it is a matter of right and wrong. The town of Ticonderoga is in the wrong and the courts of New York State have said that these respective property owners are in the right and can deny access to their properties. It is time to stop this insanity and save the Ticonderoga taxpayers some real money. Richard Holroyd Ticonderoga

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