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To the Addison Eagle: I am a student at a Mt. Abe UHS. As a senior I am trying to do a community outreach project. My project is to evaluate and try to raise the level of tolerance towards gays and lesbians in Vermont and our community. I would really appreciate it if anyone who reads this would be willing to take five minutes out of your day to e-mail me your thoughts on homosexuality. I want to start a community conversation about this issue and to try to shed some light onto some views and ways to fix this problem. Whether you are open to different lifestyles or not I would appreciate anything that you can tell me in way of your opinion. To start this project though I need to know where our community stands. In other words I need to hear peoples opinions of whether they are against or for gays and lesbians in our community and why they think this. It is important that we work towards not having any miscommunication or discrimination as a state. Anyone from anywhere in Vermont is welcome to reply. Anonymity will be kept. Elizabeth Lowell, Bristol

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