Government doesn't know what's best for state

As we are hopefully nearing the end of another legislative session, this is the time when Vermonters concerned about their civil liberties need to be especially vigilant. As they have been trying to do for years, some legislators are again pushing to increment our seatbelt law up to primary enforcement. Their typical tactic will be to insert it in a funding bill in the final days of the session like they did with the open container law a few years back. They will use the same excuse: that we desperately need the federal highway funds that are extorted from states that dare to defy their infinite wisdom. These legislative nannies are attempting to establish the concept of the health criminal as someone who engages in personal lifestyle choices that increase their risk of requiring medical expenditure. Once this Pandoras box is opened, we can expect laws that restrict our freedom to engage in risky sports, recreational, dietary and sexual activities as well. I am quite satisfied with my governments efforts to educate the public about the importance of wearing safety belts. Those adults lacking a common sense of self preservation or just in denial of the laws of physics should be free to ride unbelted and to let Darwinian evolution take its course. Vermonters concerned about their civil liberties should contact their legislators as well as the governor to express their opposition to this additional intrusion on their private matters. Rich Lachapelle Huntington

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