Village clerk's sentence too harsh

To the editor: I am a resident of Port Henry and was served by Barbara Tesar many times in my dealings with village business. As were many, I was shocked to find that she, of all people, had committed such a foolish act. True, there are always consequences for actions and if they harm the general good then there should be punishment, but, over seven years in prison?! This seems as foolish a judgment as the crime, particularly as the monies have been repaid. Her time in prison will serve no good to anyone, the taxpayers who must pay for her up-keep in prison; herself wasting days, months, years which could be spent usefully; and again the taxpayers who could benefit from a more positive use of her energies by requiring her to do community service in many of the areas of most need: home care for the ill, the elderly, the mentally deficient; using her very real mental skills by mentoring slow students. I really do not want my tax dollars going toward the incarceration of this woman. Also, I believe that much in sentencing can be discretionary with the judge; therefore I hope someone in the legal community will question this particular sentence. Sandra Lovell Port Henry

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