The other side of the story

To the editor: When National Public Radio announced that one out of four teenagers is diseased, a Planned Parenthood representative replied that such a statistic proves that abstinence teaching is not working since the youngsters are going to explore and need to know how to protect themselves. Its no wonder that Concerned Women for America asked me to pray for Planned Parenthood. May I offer the other side of the story? Gods way is the only right way and therefore the only way that really works. One girl came to me saying she felt so dirty after going all the way with her boyfriend. No amount of protection would clear her conscience. When I overheard two sixth-grade students arguing, Youre nothing but a virgin! with the reply No, Im not! I shocked them (as they saw my gray hair) by saying, Im so glad to be a virgin; Im very happy! I found complete happiness and satisfaction in our Lord Jesus Christ Himself when He saved me from sin and religion. I was told of a Canadian couple who came to Planned Parenthood for an abortion so they could go to a party that night. The doctor gave them an appointment to get it done that afternoon. How does she feel about that now? A fetus is not an extra blob of tissue in her body; its a baby, a precious human being for her to nurture. Its time our youngsters learned the difference between love and lust. Love entails respect and is worth waiting for. Love is Gods way, the way of abstinence, and doesnt need to be taught things that they dont need to know. As the Bible says, Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled. Mildred Grace Hall, Chazy

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