The greatest thing since sliced bread?

To the News Enterprise: Your March 1 and March 8 issues contained a series of articles which suggest that the proposed Ski Bowl and Front St. projects would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. The head of the county development corporation, hardly and unbiased source, is quoted as saying, in essence, that the projects would be the answer to each and every problem we might have. Where were the thoughtful questions about the costs, fiscal, aesthetic, and otherwise, should these massive projects fail when half built? The last I heard we are supposed to be having a housing crisis. The Copperfield Inn looked great too at first - and that was in boom times. To this observer the risk of permanent damage to the village outweighs the remote chance of success and should be opposed. I look forward to more balanced articles in the future. T.S. Wickersham Minerva and New York

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