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To the editor: This is a response to Mr. Meakins letter about my recent letter to the editor: Please apprise us of what physical laws are at work in Weybridge? In the rest of Vermont, a rose is a rose is a rose when vocalizing about kw/hrs. Reduction of income to the utilities by rate suppression or conservation produces a shortage of funds for replacement parts and upgrades, resulting in outages. Surely, yours occur at convenient times; the rest of us never seem to have that luck. The base load is always present, with additional turbine spun generators brought on line, as needed, not the reverse. Of course, they have extra capacity; they operate through maintenance cycles. A reminder here is that power is the time rate of energy consumption, so consuming 500 watts of real power for 30 minutes uses 250 Watt-hours of energy (or 0.25 kilowatt- hours which costs about 2.5 cents to generate in the U.S.). I dont know the extent of your knowledge about reactive power, if it is nothing then the above statement might as well be written in Attic Greek. Regardless, the statement has real meaning in power transmission and rate determination. Nukes, coal, oil, or gas fired plants all heat water to live steam temperatures to spin the turbines, which couple to the generators. With hydroelectric, head and the penstock size determines the efficiency of the plant. Since the swells in Vermont wish not to dam rivers, have coal, oil or gas fired generators or, heaven forefend, build another nuke plant, they pay extra for peak power demand. This has to be the silliest solution to a problem. Perhaps, arising at 2:00 am to run all the appliances you cannot do without, works better for you. Greenie Vermonters wish for all lifes finer accoutrements; alas, they wish to power them with an undershot waterwheel. A reduction in use merely cuts the collected taxes. In Vermont, Mr. Meakin, we have a phenomenon called weather, which beats the tar out of the roads and bridges. Whether 1,000 or 200 vehicles travel the roads, the infrastructure needs maintenance and requires police patrols. The median and roadside mowing continues. Required is snow removal, less we deny the elite their time on the slopes. Trucks distribute all our foodstuffs, heating oil, clothing and more. Do you aspire to live without those items? Should the state raise tariffs on trucking to cover your conservation? You can count on those levies passing through to the poor and downtrodden for businesses do not pay taxes. Here are some places for you to see just what is happening in Vermont. All are from a liberal paper or non-partisan website: 1) Job losses in Vermont: www.rutlandherald.com 2) Squandering of taxes: www.vermonttiger.com 3) Between a rock and a hard place, Vermont Housing Council and the Vermont Housing Awareness Campaign report: www.vermonttiger.com. We show no sign of running out of oil, natural gas, whales, tree frogs, or eco freaks. Only for the greenies, is life a zero sum game. By the way, have you signed up with GMP to pay the premium for green electricity? Ed Mann, Waltham

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